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North Glos BSAC

A not-for-profit dive club run by it's members for it's members.

Red Sea Hard Boat

As well as UK diving we also arrange holidays abroad.

UK Diving

Diving in the UK offers abundant marine life


We often dive the Farne Islands where we are greeted by friendly seals

Undersea Wonders

Red Sea? Barrier Reef? No, this photo was taken in Cornwall.

Tropical diving

The Red Sea offers warm and clear water

Hardboat dive

Farne Islands

UK Hard Boat dive

As well as our club's own dive RIB, we also charter large dive boats

Boat handling course Plymouth

themed object

A friendly local diving club

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About Us

The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) was founded in 1953 to promote underwater exploration, science and sport. As the governing body for scuba diving in the UK, its’ membership exceeds 60,000 in about 1,600 branches. It is the largest diving club in the world. As a BSAC diver your qualifications will be accepted and respected world wide. The BSAC is a club run by its’ members, not by profit making organizations.

The North Glos branch of the BSAC was formed in 1959, and we still have a few founder members in our club today!

The North Gloucester Branch of the British Sub Aqua Club aims to make diving, both in the UK and abroad, accessible to all and at reasonable cost

TRAINING will be provided in the pool, classroom and in the open water by other suitably qualified members of the club.

EQUIPMENT is available for you to use free of charge during training.

ADVICE is freely available from members who are enthusiasts of the sport and who will be happy to assist you.


The equipment used - basic diving equipment, the club boats and boat equipment, compressors.

Diver safety and rescue - buddy diving, underwater communications, safety management.

The physics of diving - how gases react under pressure, how the body adapts to the environment.

Special interests:

The weather, charts and tide tables, small boat handling, underwater photography, shipwrecks, nautical archaeology and marine biology.

FINANCE: All members of the club give their time freely in the interest of safe diving practice and promotion of the sport. Any monies raised are used to cover the costs of hiring the pool for training, purchase and maintenance of diving equipment, club boats and the promotion of club activities. Diving expeditions in the UK and abroad are self financing and supported by those members attending.

Come and talk to us! We meet every Thursday at 8.15pm at GL1 (Gloucester Leisure Center) pool.

The club is led by a committee made up of club members who perform various duties and guide the club along a path of successful training and diving