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North Glos BSAC Committee

The club is led by a committee made up of club members who perform various duties and guide the club along a path of successful training and diving

Red Sea Hard Boat

As well as UK diving we also arrange holidays abroad.

UK Diving

Diving in the UK offers abundant marine life


We often dive the Farne Islands where we are greeted by friendly seals

Undersea Wonders

Red Sea? Barrier Reef? No, this photo was taken in Cornwall.

Tropical diving

The Red Sea offers warm and clear water

Hardboat dive

Farne Islands

UK Hard Boat dive

As well as our club's own dive RIB, we also charter large dive boats

Boat handling course Plymouth

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A friendly local diving club

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The club is led by a committee made up of club members who perform various duties and guide the club along a path of successful training and diving.


The Committee 2019:


Rich Gardner: Chairman
Very long standing member of the club and now back at the helm of the committee. Rich is an extraordinary musician and a keen sailor.

Chanelle Wilkinson: Secretary & Memebrship
Chanelle works in marine insurance so if our boat sinks we know where to come.

Russ ManleyRuss Manley:
Boat Officer
Russ personally looks after all things to do with Moody Blue, our club RIB. If you don't keep it clean and tidy Russ will be after you.

Anne Turrier: Welfare Officer
Anne works ensuring the welfare of all club members.

Colin Mitchel:
Diving Officer

Colin will be working hard overseeing diving activities and doing his best to encourage more members to organise a dive.

Alex Dunstan:
Marketing and Recruitments Officer

Alex is new member this year 2019, but is so enthusiastic we have created a new committee position just for him. Alex hopes to encourage more people to join North Glos and allow the club to grow and move forward.

Adrian Eyre: Equipment Officer
 Where would be without Adrian. One of the original founder members of the club, Adrian is also our equipment officer and makes sure everything is tested and up to date. You will find him instructing at the pool every week.

stuart coopeStuart Coope:
Stu is a Project Manager. He loves to dive and is keen to get others in the water to enjoy the sites he has been privileged to see. Taught by NATO he now dives for fun. Stuart says he wants to become an instructor "to give back to the club the help and support they gave me".  

Tony Stewart:
Our very own salty old sea dog! Having spent his life in the navy he just can't keep away from the sea.

Graham LundegaardGraham Lundegaard:
Web site
A club member for 35 years and an active diver. When he's not under water he's busy at his day (and night!) job as director of Sandling Fireworks, assembling fireworks and putting on displays.

Carol Marzuola
Originally from Venezuela, Carol is an active member of the club and is now organising her first club dives. Well done Carol!


Joe Whitelow:

An enthusiastic and active  diver. When he's not diving he fires firework displays!

Dave Phillips
One of our most qualified divers Dave is an Advanced Open Water Instructor. When he is not diving Dave runs a funfair! a man of many talents.

steve cresswellSteve Cresswell
Builder by trade, Steve is a handy man to have around and can fix anything!

Simon Probyn
Longstanding member of the club and active diver - well he is when he's not diving abroad somewhere exotic anyway.

Stuart McGrath
Stuart has joined the club this year 2018 and is al readyshowing his commitment to the club by sitting on the committee. When he he is not diving he is sky diving, so from one extreme to another!

Richard Carey
Rico is a PADI Dive Master who has crossed over to BSAC. Welcome to North Glos!

Tommy Livesy
Our very own northern diver! Dives for the freedom of being underwater, when not in the water, music is his passion.