North Glos BSAC Rules


North Glos BSAC Rules

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Rules for British Sub-Aqua Club Branch  no. 0080




This branch No. 80 is known as "The North Gloucestershire Branch" (hereinafter called the Branch) of the British Sub aqua Club (hereinafter called the Club). The Rules of the Club apply with the following additions;


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be in the month of November or three clear weeks before the National Diving Officers' Conference, whichever is the earlier.

The business of the AGM shall be;

1.    Minutes of the last AGM and any Special General Meeting held since the last AGM.
2.    Chairman's Report
3.    Hon. Secretary's Report
4.    Hon. Treasurer's report including Membership Report
5.    Diving Officer's Report
6.   Training Officer's Report including Snorkel Report
7.    Equipment Officer's Report including Boat Report
8.    Election of Officers and Committee
9.    Motions - written notice, proposed and seconded prior to the AGM has to be given to the Hon. Secretary
10.    Provisional rules - as created by either the Diving Officer or quorum consisting of at least three committee members and five other members of the Branch - voted on to be made Permanent Rules or not.
11.    Matters arising from previous AGM/SGM
12.    Any Other Business as the Chairman may select.

Special General Meetings

Special General Meetings of this Branch may be convened by four weeks written notice to the Hon. Secretary and be signed by not less than 10% of voting members. The business shall be that for which the SGM was called for and no other. A quorum of 20% of the voting members is needed to hold an SGM.


Nominations for election to the Branch Committee and Officers shall be of voting members by at least two other voting members and shall be in writing to the Hon. Secretary with the consent of the nominee, and with such notice as the Hon. Secretary shall require.

Branch Committee

The affairs of the Branch shall be managed by a committee consisting of the Officers and not more than 10 members (total of 15) elected at the AGM.

A minimum of 50% of the Committee shall form a quorum, at least three of whom shall be Branch Officers. All Officers and members shall retire each year but shall be eligible for re-election. Casual vacancies shall be filled by co-option by the Committee.

Committee members absent without apologies for two meetings will be asked to stand down, the decision may be made in their absence.

Branch Officers

1. Chairman

2. Hon. Secretary

3. Hon. Treasurer

4. Diving Officer

5. Boat Officer

6. Equipment Officer

Diving Officer

The post of Dive Officer shall be filled by a person of minimum qualification of Dive leader and has dived with the branch for a minimum of 12 months

Dive Manager

The Dive Manager, as appointed by the Dive Officer, shall be qualified in accordance with BSAC guidelines


Hire charges and conditions for booking and hire shall be fixed by and published by the Committee from time to time (see Diving, Branch dives). The Committee shall be responsible for assessment of depreciation in value of Branch equipment and for authorising the EO to repair and/or replace specific items of equipment (see Finance).

Dissolution of Branch

The Branch may only be dissolved by a unanimous decision of all members if the number of full members should fall below twelve and remain so for a period of twelve calendar months. The net assets shall be vested in the remaining members.

Suspension of Members

Members may be suspended by the DO or a quorum from participating in the activities of the Branch subject to their right of appeal to the next meeting of the committee if:-

1.    His/her subscription is more than two months in arrears.
2.    His/her conduct as reported to, or seen by a member of the Committee at a dive in public, is such that it may be considered to be a danger to other divers in the future, or prejudicial to the interest of the Branch.
3.    They have abused Branch equipment, or the system of hiring such equipment.

       The period of suspension shall be stated by the Committee and shall be renewed if the member's subscription shall fall during that period.


Subscriptions shall be as directed by the Club plus the subscription due to the Branch as decided by the Branch. Subscriptions may only be altered at the AGM or an SGM.


To join North Glos BSAC 80 you need to be aged 16 years and over and medically fit. Parental approval is needed for anyone under the age of 18 years. The club will consider applications from younger persons, (min age 14), providing they are related to an existing or joining member who will take responsibility for them during club activities.


All members shall be required to follow the Self Declaration System required by BSAC


The financial year shall be from November 1st to October 31st.

The Annual Statement of Accounts shall be presented to the Branch at the AGM, audited by to full members who are not Officers of the Branch.

Expenditure of 30% or more of Branch funds will necessitate a Special General Meeting with a poll held of all members present to approve the expenditure.

Diving (Branch dives)

Members must be fully paid up to dive with the Branch. Hire fees for Branch equipment must be paid in advance. Deposits for hardboat dives must be paid in advance, first paid, first served.

Cylinders must be returned full to the EO regardless of original contents.

Surface marker buoys are to be used on all dives unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Dive Marshall/Boat Cox to decide.

The maximum number of divers in Moody Blue (dive boat) may not exceed 8 with the inclusion of a non diving cox (total 9 persons).

Boat Coxswain must hold a boat-handling certificate.

All divers on all club dives MUST have a dedicated alternate source (octopus), as configures in BSAC basic training for buddy use

Diving (Private)

The DO is to be informed in advance of dives involving Branch members that are not part of the Branch dives.

Provisional Rules

Provisional rules may be created by the DO or a quorum to apply during the tern of office of the DO but will only become permanent upon a majority vote at AGM. Any provisional rule failing to reach majority may not be re-introduced for a period of two years from the date of the AGM. Rules adopted at AGM must be added to the main rules and notice to this effect placed on the notice board.

All other rules made since the formation of the Branch, and not included in the above are hereby rescinded.

No alteration to these rules may be made other than at an Annual General Meeting, and with the approval of at least 20% of voting members.

Moody Blue Dive Rib
It has now been made a North Glos ruling that our rib Moody Blue will not be launched or recovered while loaded with scuba sets and weight belts etc, although the person driving the launch vehicle may put his or hers kit on board giving them a chance to park the trailer after launching while the other divers load up. There are no exceptions to this ruling.  

It is also the responsibility of the driver to ensure there is a adequate depth of water to float the boat off.

North Glos. BSAC 0080 POOL RULES

Before swimming, or sub-aqua activities, can take place an adult attendant must be present as a poolside attendant. 

Instructions given by the poolside attendant must be obeyed at all times.

Those who have not attained Ocean Diver of equivalent qualification must be supervised at all times by an OWI when using scuba equipment.

Children of 16 years or under must be supervised by a parent or a nominated guardian at all times

Those with responsibilities for children are reminded of the additional hazards associated with compressed air equipment.

Swimming pool notices must be obeyed at all times.

No over arm swimming strokes are permitted.

A first aid box is held at the front desk.

Valuables and equipment should not be brought to the pool and left unattended.

The branch does not accept liability for valuables or equipment belonging to members and their guests.

Under 16's trips and training days outside the pool:

Any member under the age of 16 who wishes to take part in diving activities outside of the pool training, such as dive trips, dive weekends, sheltered water training (quarry) or any other activity that requires travel, should be accompanied by a responsible relative 18 years of age or older. This is in addition to the pool rules and must be strictly adhered to. All members under the age of 16 fall under the same safety guidelines as other members and diving must be restricted to the limits of their training. In all cases the Dive Managers decisions are left to his or hers discretion when deciding if a member is fit to dive.

     The issue of solo diving:

North Gloucester BSAC in no way supports the practice of solo diving, other than within the training and guidance as endorsed by BSAC. In the divers manual BSAC endorse self-sufficiency in training to prepare a diver for the possibility of buddy separation. In the event that a diver becomes separated from their buddy, it is expected that the diver would follow the training a guidance endorsed by BSAC. The North Gloucester Club fully supports the buddy system and expect its members to follow suit. Any dive planning that includes solo diving will be rejected immediately. Any diver that routinely practices solo diving will be reported to the Dive Officer and the committee.

3.      Dive Officer:

The position of Dive Officer is provided for the safety of all members. It is for this reason that we generally appoint the most experienced, qualified and trusted member to fill the post. It is the responsibility of the Dive Officer to ensure that all dives done in the name of the club, from basic training to full expeditions, are done in the safest way possible. This can include, but is not limited to; assessing dive plans, checking qualifications, appointing a competent Dive Manager, maintaining training standards, assessing the suitability of dive sites and who can dive them and stopping any dive activity that he deems unsafe. In all of these duties the Dive Officer should be respected and listened to and any judgments made must be adhered to. Anyone failing to comply may forfeit their membership.